15 Celebrity Wedding Videos That Will Make You Believe in Forever


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Ride a trip down memory lane and get ready for the perfect mix of romantic, funky, and tear-jerking celebrity wedding videos in this all-star list. We have listen down the top 15 best celebrity wedding videos that will drive everyone into a swoon-worthy state of wedding bliss.

  1. BJ Albert and Nikki Gil

Venue:  Sta. Elena Golf and Country Club

Nothing else can display the beauty of perfect timing as how Jason Magbanua tells the love story of BJ Albert and Nikki Gil. We are definitely smitten as the couple share solemn vows on a picturesque view of lush greenery and a beautiful sunset. Definitely a wedding video for the books as the talented Johnoy Danao serenades us with one of his originals, written especially for this occasion. How can anyone top that?

Favorite Line: Nikki says, “There are days I wish I’d known you earlier. But, I know God makes all things beautiful in His time.”






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