5 Stages of Being a Love Team Fan Girl

Because deep down you’re really thinking: “Mas bagay kami.”


Stage 1: “Ang cute naman nila.”

It’s a lonely Friday night and you’re scrolling through TV channels, when you stumble upon this new TV show, featuring this unrealistically good looking couple. You know nothing about them, but you’re curious. You find them utterly adorable. And so you make a mental note to search them on the internet later on

You finish Episode 1 to Episode 43 in three straight days. You’re hooked!


fan girsl1

Stage 2: “Di ako pwede mamaya. Manunuod pa ako ng “On The Wings Of Love.”

You find yourself falling in love with their show and you start noticing everything about them. How pretty his eyes look, how beautiful her hair falls into her face, and how they’re a match made in heaven!



Stage 3: “Yay! May roadshow sila sa SM! #LizQuen #Aldub”

You’ve just finished the reruns of their shows and watched all their YouTube videos for the nth then Then you receive the best news of the day – they’re coming to the mall near you. You buy a ticket right away even if you cringe at being so jologs!



Stage 4: “Go #KathNiel! Andito lang kami ng fandom!”

After shrieking your lungs out throughout the show, you unknowingly – yet willingly – become part of the fandom. Yes, the transformation is complete. You’ve officially become a fan girl. And you love it anyway. *winks*


Stage 5: “Friends na kami ng AlDub!”

This is the ultimate stage where you think you’re friends with your idol just because he/she liked your tweet and Instagram post. #Goals But admit it, you want to be more than just friends. “Mas bagay kami.”



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