5 Tips on How to Pack Light

Travel light

No one likes travelling with excess baggage. Here’s how to keep it light.

Organization is key when it comes to packing your backpack or luggage for travel. Here are some awesome hacks on how to pack your bag more efficiently.

5 Tips on How to Pack Light

Pack the basics.

Plain shirts, a pair of jeans, leggings, and skirts — these are your best picks. It’s easy to mix and match plain pieces. You can also throw in some nice accent pieces like a scarf or a vest to keep it exciting. Be creative!

pack the basics

Roll the Clothes.

Avoid wrinkling by rolling clothes. Also, folding them will save you more space.

Roll the clothes

Use Small Containers.

If you’re bringing toiletries, pack them in smaller containers, just enough to cover your needs. Tip: You can use contact lens cases for your makeup, to keep them neat and organized.

Small Containers

Hide Your Extra Cash.

For safe travel, keep your money in a handy, secret container like an empty lipstick tube

Hide extra cash


Wrap Your Shoes.

Keep your clothes clean in the bag by putting your shoes inside the shower cap.

Wrap your shoes


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