4 Easy Ways To Achieve the No Make Up Look

One of the most talked about makeup style is the dewy skin. This look was popular during the 1970’s when women’s political and economic freedom rose dramatically. Women were donning the natural beauty look which made the dewy skin so popular. Cosmetic companies in the 1970’s had a new vision of the new liberated woman who shows natural beauty yet flawless; Thus dewy skin look was born. It is simple yet mastering it takes practice. I always recommend that to achieve dewy skin, one must take care of their own skin. Always clean your face with the right cleanser that doesn’t foam too much (contains acidity that wipes of natural oils; making dry skin) and the correct moisturizer for the face. Once you take care of your own skin, achieving dewy skin would be a breeze.

The reason why I love this look is because it enhances the natural beauty. I have known women who look completely different after taking out their makeup, with dewy make-up you get to see the real beauty of a woman. The key to dewy skin is less product is more.

Here is a simple guide to achieving dewy skin:


  1. Apply foundation, today I am using my ultimate favorite foundation Makeup Forever HD. I love the lightweight coverage that conceals at the same time.



  1. Apply sparingly translucent or mineral powder such as Make-Up Forever powder. The key here is to not make your face too powdery but concealing in the foundation.



  1. Add a cream blush such as Elizabeth Arden cream blush. I absolutely love the natural rose glow this cream blush gives. It’s lightweight and makes it appear you have this ever glow.


  1. To accentuate your dewy skin, highlighting is key. Today I am using the Sleek Precious Metal Highlight Palette since I love having a little bronze highlight since I am a beach lover. I just add this on top of my brows, above my cheekbones, bridge of my nose and a little bit on my chin.




There you have it, a simple dewy skin that lasts all day. It looks so natural that with a touch of mascara and a gorgeous lip color, your dewy look is complete.



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