Brush Cleaning 101: How To Wash Your Makeup Brushes Properly

Make ‘em Brushes Squeaky Clean

Every girl knows that the foundation of all good makeup is your brushes. It’s important that you invest in good quality makeup brushes. While there are, of course, expensive ones, there are also some available cheap but made with high quality bristles. With the right brushes, your makeup will automatically look flawless. And you can continue to enjoy beautiful applications every time by cleaning your brushes regularly.  You’ll be surprised with the amount of gunk left on your face because of dirty brushes.

To make sure that your brushes will stay in their best condition, deep clean them regularly.

Tip #1 Use a gentle liquid dishwashing soap or a gentle baby shampoo.

There are lots of makeup brush-cleaning solutions in the market but they’re quite pricey. To save money, all you need is gentle dishwashing soap or baby shampoo. Make a solution of gentle soap and lukewarm water in a bowl. Swirl the brush in the solution and “rub” it on your palm to get rid of the gunk. Do this several times until the rinsed water becomes clear.

TIP: You can wear a “ribbed” glove and gently swirl the brushes in your palm to further get out the gunk.

Tip #2 Wash your brushes in lukewarm water.


After you rinse them in soapy water and remove all the dirt, you need to run your brushes under lukewarm water to deep clean them and remove excess build up and bacteria. This helps to “melt” the more stubborn makeup particles.

Tip #3 Pat your brush on a clean towel.


Gently squeeze the tip of the brush to remove excess water and then gently pat it down on a clean towel. Do not rub the head as it will damage the bristles.

Tip #4 Prepare a tray with a clean towel.

After patting the excess water, you now want your brushes to completely dry for future use. All you need is a tray. Place the brushes on the tray but elevate them with the help of a towel.  You have to elevate the brushes to prevent the moisture from settling back into the ferrule, or else the water will loosen the glue and ruin your brushes.

Always remember: cleaning your brushes will not only save your face from break outs but it will also save your wallet from buying new brushes every single time. Good luck!


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