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A comfy way to travel in style

Travelling definitely has its ups, but it also has its downs–the line to immigration, going through airport security, experiencing flight delays, or sitting down in Economy where there’s little leg room for the next twelve or so hours of your life. So, to make travelling a breeze, it’s important you feel comfortable. Whether it’s a long haul or a short flight, find out what you should wear on your next trip.

  1. Cardigan or Jacket

47345050 - winter trendy fashion young woman in dark blue cardigan, white shirt and green pants, stand in front glass doors

Airplanes and airports can get really cold, and if you’re headed somewhere colder, you’ll definitely need an extra layer for warmth. Wear a wool cardigan or a long flowy jacket. Choose one with pockets so you’ll have a place to stash whatever you need on hand as you go through the airport like your phone, wallet, and travel documents. They can also double as comfy pillows on the plane.


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