First Date Fragrances That Make Good First Impressions


Make such a killer first impression he’ll call you back!

They say scent is the most powerful memory trigger. After all the shy smiles and awkward moments, a lot can happen during the first date. So, make sure your date remembers you with these top 10 fragrances that will wow your date. These perfumes will boost your confidence, leave you smelling great, and make a killer impression. It’s important that you do because you’ll never get a second chance to make a good first impression!

  1. Elie Saab Rose Couture


Known for his haute couture fashion, Elie Saab has long since dabbled in making delicious fragrances. Last February 2016, he enriched his collection with Le Parfum Rose Couture. Evoking hints of spring and warm days, the scent is primarily of rose petals, peonies, and orange blossoms with hits of peach, caramel and vanilla. Yum! Flowery fresh and fruity fun–it’s a delicious scent that will capture any man on the first date.


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