Guide To The Most Wearable Fashion Trends for 2017


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With the dawn of a new year comes a new set of trends in fashion as well. Most of us want to be one of the first to jump into the trend boat, and of course, we’ve got you covered! Here is our guide to the most wearable yet still fashionable trends for 2017.


1. Statement Tees

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From the various collections at the New York Fashion Week, Allure magazine predicted that statement tees will be one of the biggest fashion trends for next year. And what we think about it? Definitely perfect for when you want to promote awareness while at the same time being stylish. Stay fab and woke with this trend, ladies!

2. Dress Over Pants

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Both Allure and InStyle magazine included this combo in their list of the most wearable fashion trends for 2017. We think that it’s perfect for when it’s cold outside but you want to sport your best dress. And another pro? You don’t have to worry about the wind exposing your undies.


3. White Shirt Dresses

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Elle magazine predicts that 2017 is the year to make white shirt dresses fashionable. Wearable on a daily basis, white shirt dresses are also comfortable as they let your body breathe. This trend will surely prove that simplicity is beauty.


4. Robes


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Yes, you read that right! Elle predicts that fancy robes will make it into the list of everyday fashionable trends for 2017. Low maintenance girls can now thank the fashion gods, and this trend will also be the perfect go-to one-piece for when you don’t feel like putting on an ensemble in the morning.

5. Over-the-knee Socks


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According to InStyle magazine, 2017 is also the year to pair up your skirts and dresses with over-the-knee socks whose reputation is not that impeccable. Well, perhaps next year is the perfect moment for these socks to redeem themselves.


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