Makeup Tips: Splurge and Save

We love beauty products particularly makeup, but surely we would not want to spend half of our paycheck to buy makeup essentials. But at the same time we don’t want to buy cheap yet poor quality products. So how do you know which makeup products to splurge on and which to scrimp on? Read on to find out.






Of all the cosmetics out there, mascara has the shortest shelf life. It can only last for three to four months. Do you think it’s worth it to spend so much for a product that you will always need to replace in just a few months? Absolutely not.



Lipgloss is not destined to last all day. It’s meant to be sheer, so the moment you drink coffee you can expect your lipgloss to have faded from your lips. So why buy a high-end lipgloss when it won’t even last on your lips?



While high-end eyeliners will make you feel more luxurious, they are not too different with the ones you can buy at the drugstore. In fact, many drugstore eyeliners are at par with high-end liners, sometimes even better.






High-end foundations offer a wider range of shades that can match even the palest or darkest skin tones. Elizabeth Arden’s newest foundation, PREVAGE Anti-Aging Foundation Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30, has a lot of shade selections that you can choose from. It also comes with an excellent anti-aging feature.


It’s important to have a foundation that matches your skin tone so go ahead and splurge on this one.





Opt for high-end blushes instead of the drugstore ones because this beauty product isn’t foolproof. Splurge on a quality blush for easier application. Also, blushes have long shelf life so buying a high-end one can last you for years. It’s worth your money.





Makeup Brushes

This is one of the makeup essentials that you should definitely splurge on. It can be expensive, but it can make a huge difference with your makeup application. You’ll be surprised to see your makeup lasts longer.


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