3 Easy Steps to Get Your Eyebrows on Fleek

The eyebrow or what I call the crowning glory of the face. The eyebrows are so iconic that throughout the years of make-up, it has changed dramatically. From the 1920’s that was considered the “pencil eyebrow” era to 1970 of “bushy natural eyebrows” and now here 2016, groomed and the “beautiful arch eyebrow” era. I have seen some that have dyed their eyebrows or inserted some stencil design on it but the most popular one is either very groomed or ala Audrey Hepburn full eyebrow look. When it comes to make-up, the eyebrows are such an important asset, no matter how beautiful your eyeshadow game may be, the eyebrow is just the cherry on the icing. It needs to look complete.


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4When it comes to products, we can go on which product to use. It depends on what type of style of eyebrows you want to have. What is key is to have properly groomed eyebrows. You don’t need an expensive product to don Kim Kardashian style brows. It’s proper grooming. Here is a step by step on proper grooming of eyebrows:







After having your crowning glory groomed, ANY product would be easier to use. It’s the same theory for any product:

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  1. Always outline your eyebrows to have that clean look
  2. Fill in brows
  3. Golden rule of makeup, BLEND BLEND BLEND




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