9 Scents That Will Drive a Woman Wild

Nothing is sexier on a man than these…


There are many things that women find attractive in men – confidence, leader among men, sexy jaw lines, bulging biceps, hard-rock abs, a cute smile and gorgeous eyes. But according to science, there is one thing that acutely triggers every woman’s most basic instinct when looking for the perfect mate– the musk of men.

Over time, we have refined our senses and have embraced the scents we most desire in men. All these fragrances are available in all leading department stores in the Philippines.

Here, we share the Top 9 Sexiest Male Fragrances of all time, and the men who wear them.

  1. Bvlgari Man Black Cologne 

Bold and charismatic, this evocative scent was inspired by the myth of the Vulcan, god of the Earth, but perfectly suits the modern man.

Vulcan is known to harness the power of fire to dominate his enemies and the same time use its energy to fertilize. And if Greek Mythology is to be believed, Vulcan is rumored to have impregnated at least 3 goddesses and is the father of Jupiter. Master perfumer, Albert Morillas call this “the scent of burning water”, magmatic and powerful. Have Jonathan Rhys-Meyers commanding presence in every project management meeting, go through your day like a brilliant burst of fire, and most of all have that energy to get the goddess.



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