New Year’s Resolutions To Do On 2017

In a few days we will kiss 2016 goodbye and embrace 2017. We’re getting closer and closer towards the end of this year. With that comes the excitement as well as the pressure to make a New Year’s resolution.

It seems like it has become a tradition to come up with resolutions in the hopes of improving ourselves for the New Year to come. In the past years, people have stuck with standard resolutions, so we thought of going against the grain this time. Below are three great alternatives to your usual New Year’s resolutions.

Turn your focus outward.

More often than not, we tend to make New Year’s resolutions that are solely self-focused. It’s great and admirable to empower and improve ourselves, but maybe this time we can try to commit to someone else other than ourselves. Supporting our loved ones who are in need, doing volunteer work, or donating to impoverished families can do wonders to you and to others. It’s not the usual resolution that people come up with, but it will certainly give you valuable experience and lessons.


Highlight your strengths.

When it comes to formulating resolutions for the new year, people often focus on changing a bad habit, a weakness, or something they don’t like about themselves. Again, it’s a great thing to improve ourselves, but it might be a good idea to try improving on what we’re already good at. You’re good in cooking? Then try enrolling in cooking workshops. You love writing? Apply for freelance writing jobs to hone your writing skill. Instead of highlighting your weaknesses, build on the positive aspects about yourself.

Write a letter to yourself.

With a new year comes another round of challenges and hurdles to overcome. It’s inevitable. Sometimes, it will get hard and it will be tempting to give up because we can get so caught up on how terrible the situation is. But sometimes all we need is a few reminders that will refresh our memory as to why we started our goals in the first place, what makes us grateful and happy for living, and more. So before this year ends, write yourself a letter that you could read next year on the days that feel like you’re drifting away. Read it and be reminded of the good things about yourself and your life.


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