Romantic Beach Getaways for Couples


Reignite the passion with a quick romantic getaway.

You see couples HHWW (holding hands while walking) in a cheesy, romcom, and suddenly, you want to do the same. For those times you want to stage your own “romantic” moment on the beach, head out to these quick getaway destinations.

Get Acquianted with Oslob, Cebu

Get to know your partner while swimming along with the whale sharks or revelling in the peace and serenity of white sand beaches. Cebu is one place you won’t get tired of visiting.



Be the Pawikan Heroes at Camayan Beach, Subic

Imagine Superman and Wonder Woman saving lives together. In your case, you both can save the pawikans! Sign up as volunteers to help monitor the beach at night. Walk by the beach, holding hands under the moonlight, while protecting the lives of our little shelled friends. What’s more romantic than that?

Pawikan Island


Satisfy Wanderlust at Busuanga Bay

Indulge in the white powdery sands and the breathtaking views of the nearby islands with your partner-in-crime by your side. In the secluded gulf of Busuanga Bay, you can truly be free and be yourselves.

Satisfy Wanderlust at Busuanga Bay


Dare to Go Batanes.

Find absolute peace within the lush, green hills of Batanes. Although storms do often pass by at the island, it can never be denied that being in this place will make you feel special. Also, it’s not as crowded as the other popular islands.

Dare to Go Batanes.

Fall in Love with Baler.

Learn how to balance over the waves and surf through the tides. Listen to the crashing sound of water as it hits the shore. As the scene unfolds, this is your moment to make it romantic.



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