Skin Care Tips for December

Christmas is coming and we can definitely feel it from the cold December air. It’s that time of the year again where we attend so many parties and events. We ditch the minimal makeup look and go for a glamorous one. December is truly a season to be jolly and we’re all busy making ourselves look fabulous for the parties, but it’s also the season where we tend to neglect our skin the most. The following are tips to help you give your skin the proper TLC it deserves throughout the season:

Switch your products

The weather in December tends to suck the moisture from our skin, leaving us with dry and cracked skin. Just as we change our clothes to fit the summer or winter, we also need to change our skin care products to adapt to a colder, drier weather. So ditch the oil-fighting cleansers for now and opt for hydration-boosting products. You can try the hydrating creams and masks from Phytomer. It’s known to have a wide array of products that are great for cold and dry weather.




Hydrate from the inside

Aside from applying hydrating products, you can also give your skin that gorgeous luster by drinking plenty of water. Stay hydrated by drinking water all through the day and if you’re going out for a few drinks, drink more to keep your skin from getting dry.




Remove your makeup before sleeping
After getting home from the parties and events, it can be very tempting to just hit the bed and sleep with your makeup on. But this is a no-no. Letting your makeup sit on your face as you sleep will cause you clogged pores, leaving you with irritation and blemishes. So before you hit the bed, spend a few minutes to remove your makeup.




Manage stress

The holiday season is a very busy one so getting stressed is unavoidable. If stress is left unmanaged, it can wreck havoc on your skin. Exercise and relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation can help you avoid those nasty breakouts, leaving you with nothing but a glowing skin.


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