Taming The Tan Line

Discover the perfect sunscreen which works even harder when exposed to water.

There’s something just so relaxing about lying under the sun and listening to the lapping of ways. Stress is- and should be – the last thing on our minds. Relish your time under the hot rays without worrying about unsightly tan lines, skin aging and sunburn with Shiseido’s Wet Force collection of sunscreen.

Unlike other sunscreens on the market, the broad spectrum SPF 50-+ line claims to become even more effective when skin (lathered with the sunscreen) has been exposed to water for 15 minutes. The more it’s in contact with water, the harder is works, they claim.

This is thanks to its SuperVeil-UV 360 technology, an innovative protective shield created and patented by Shiseido. (If you’re an avid outdoorsman and athlete, you can use Shiseido WetForce sunscreens for protection as well. To activate the WetForce Technology, your skin just needs to be exposed to sweat for 30 minutes.)

Keep your skin hydrated as well as protected with this unique non-sticky formulation. It’s also important to note that this is perfect for the entire family as it’s safe and gentle for all skin types. The formula is long-lasting but do reapply every time you towel off.


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