The Eyes Have It! 7 Steps to Create Sultry Smokey Eyes

Lure the man of your dreams with this intense look

Dark, vampy and incredibly sexy – perfectly made smokey eyes instantly add drama that will have him thoroughly intrigued. Bump up the mystery and give him a reason to come over with a little dramatic eye shadow, liner and mascara.

Even if you’re not a makeup maverick, don’t worry as creating the “smoked out” effect is not as hard as you think.


Here’s how to do it in five minutes flat.

1. First, choose a trio of eye shadows in similar shades (light, darker, and darkest). The safest and easiest colors to apply are browns. Of course, you have to have your black eye shadow at hand.
2. Using your lightest shade, apply a base onto your entire eyelid.
3. Then with shade no. 2, sweep it along your “moon crease”. This is the hollow where you can make out the round of your eyeball. Always remember to blend, blend, blend!
4. Then take a brush with a little bit of your darkest shade and apply it right at the outer corner of your eye. Brush inwards along the crease, but only until halfway. You can extend the color a little bit toward your brow bone. But it must not meet your eyebrow

5. With your black eye shadow, add depth and intensity starting from the outer corner of your eye and moving towards the center.
6. Take another brush and lightly blend all the colors, moving back and forth along the crease.
7. For the final touches, take your eyeliner pencil (or liquid liner) and line your lash line. This will create the illusion of thicker lashes. Of course, top off the intense eye with coast of mascara.

Revel at your fierceness!


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