The Only Red Matte Lipstick You Will Ever Need


One lipstick you will need

Since the dawn of make-up, the ultimate must have in your kit must be a simple red matte lipstick. Some may ask why this specific type of lipstick is needed, the answer is quite simple. History. When you study “Era Make-Up” in Cosmetology school, you can see how make-up has evolved with the times. One famous example which is the most common make-up style is the Marilyn Monroe make-up, with Marilyn’s false eyelashes, arched brows, heavy winged eyeliner and to the iconic matte red lipstick. If you compare all the decades of make-up evolving, the matte red lipstick has stayed.

The earliest era that dawned the red matte lipstick was the silent movie era during the 1910’s to 1920. It was used more importantly to extenuate the mouth movement of the actors since the movies had no audio sound. Outside the silver screens, your usual flapper girls by your favorite gin joint bestowed that beautiful classic red matte lipstick. To fast forward now to our time, countless celebrities and beauty icons carry this classic lipstick. We can truly say the Red Matte Lipstick is the epitome of all lipsticks.

Now one must think, can ANY red lipstick do? The answer is no. There must be rules to picking your ultimate red matte lipstick:


One lipstick you will need 31. Know Thy Tone

In make-up lingo, tone is the complexion of your skin. You could be fair, golden medium, tan or dark to warm and cool tone. To distinguish warm toned skin, you will have yellowish to golden undertones. For cool tone, you would lean towards to bluish pink undertone


One lipstick you will need 42. One must stay together; not feather

Feathering or bleeding of the red lipstick is a make-up no-no and it ruins your look. Some lip formulas will start to fade or bleed into the cracks or lines around your lips, making it seem your lips are bleeding. In order to achieve the red lip, make sure that lipstick doesn’t bleed, fade or feather.


One lipstick you will need 53. Application Is Key

A matte formula lipstick is a tricky one to put. Since it doesn’t have the gloss component to help you glide on your lips, there is room for error. Pick a red lipstick that is easy to apply and having a lip liner as a guide changes your look from nice to fabulous.

One lipstick you will need 6

For my opinion, the red matte lipstick that covers all three rules is SLEEK MATTE FORMULA “RIOJA RED”. This specific color is versatile in any skin color or tone which makes it universal. This sleek formula is matte finish which doesn’t fade, bleed, smudge or chap which is easy to maintain and quick application. The wand to apply this lip color mimics a lipstick and lip liner so it’s a bundle in itself. Lastly, I love how it starts out with a gloss texture but when you’re done applying, the matte finish makes it have this iconic classy look which makes your lips the statement when you walk into a room.



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