The Secret to Making Chinita Eyes Bigger


Achieve those big, doe-eyes with these impressive makeup tricks


They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. And many believe this is quite true, which is why we invest so much time perfecting our brows and eye makeup. We want to make our eyes pop and give others a better view.


But for many Asian woman, having small, chinita eyes pose such a challenge. How do you make your peepers bigger without resorting to surgery? Fortunately, it’s all a matter of perspective, and you can, indeed, work with what you have by being creative, and having the right tools.


Check out some tricks that open up and highlight your beautiful eyes.


  1. Conceal the dark circles


Having unsightly dark circles can make your eyes appear significantly smaller. Call the right kind of attention to your face by concealing discoloration, and brightening the area with correct shades of foundation.


  1. Create depth and breadth with shadows


Don’t be scared to go for darker shades of eye shadow. “Smoking out” your eye makeup can accentuate the eyes, making it look bigger. You can also create the illusion of double eyelids by using a combination of eye shadow and dark eyeliner.


  1. Line your lash line


Eyeliners are every Asian girl’s best friend. They can help to instantly lift and make your eyes bigger. Always prime your eyelid and be careful in your application as you don’t want your eyeliner to slide off and create dark under eyes like Uncle Fester’s (Addam’s family).


  1. Shimmer


Just a dab of shimmer at the inner corner of the eye is sure to make those gorgeous Chinita eyes sparkle.


  1. Mascara

Draw people in with your gorgeous stare thanks to your fuller, longer lashes.



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