Top 5 Exciting Activities to Try Out in Manila

Too busy at work or at school to go out of town? Try these exciting activities around Metro Manila



Living in the city shouldn’t be boring. Metro Manila boasts of numerous recreation spots and a lively night life. So if you’re stressed out and need a break, head on out to these fun places. And bring your friends.

Eye on the Target: Gandiva

Experience being Katniss Everdeen for a day and learn archery at Gandiva! Gandiva can help you work on your stance so you can aim at the target effortlessly. They offer hour-long archery sessions at their indoor range, which can accommodate up to 18 meters of shooting. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have experience with bows and arrows, Gandiva is ready to help!


Playing detective at Breakout Philippines

Have yourself willingly locked up with your friends and enjoy playing detective. Your group will be required to analyze clues and solve puzzles to escape. Solve the mystery in 45 minutes. You can choose from three mysteries : breaking out from Adarna’s Lair, finding a cure for a zombie outbreak, or playing the role of a police officer who gets locked up in the prison room for all the wrong reasons.


Appetite for Fun: Dyce N Dyne

Hungry for food and games? Head to Dyce N Dyne for their scrumptious food, which are named after popular games like Nachos Against Humanities and their bestseller, Chicken Skin of Avalon. They have a vast collection of board and card games, which you can play with your friends during a quiet night out.

Dyce & Dyne

A Walk in History: National Museum

If you want to immerse yourself in a thoroughly entertaining, cultural experience, take a walk through National Museum and appreciate our heritage. The museum boasts world-class galleries which feature works by some renowned artists such as Juan Luna, Guillermo Tolentino, and BenCab.

National Museum

X Marks the Spot: Cubao Expo

Cubao Expo is sort of like an underground place for cultural curios and hippie finds. The place is peppered with antique shops with cool collectibles. Find everything from old vinyls to rare Star Wars toys.

Cubao Expo


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