What Can We Learn From Today’s Love Teams?


There’s more to the “kilig” and “kalandian.”

Parents often dissuade their kids from getting too absorbed in teleseryes and the lives of love teams because, “Hindi dapat puro kalandian ang pagkaabalahan niyo.” But on the contrary, there are many other things that we can learn from our favorite TV couples that make us better people.

For example…

Learning to Give Back Love

When they first started out as a love team, the fans kept them in the scene by supporting and backing them up. So, as a nice gesture, love teams never forget to show their gratitude and give back to the fans.

Watch Julia Barretto and Inigo Pascual as they sing to their loyal fans.

Being an Advocate of #AntiBullying.

Being under the spotlight, celebrities often get bullied and/ or picked on because of what they do. What these bullies don’t know is that they are nothing to them. Our favorite celebrities have learned to ignore the hate, embrace the good, and channel their love to their loyal fans and supporters.

Think before you type

Use Social Media in a Good Way.

As #Aldub emerged, so did the lessons of traditional Pinoy values.  Aldub offered a good platform to reintroduce good manners, family values, and proper courting etiquette.

Social Media

Flaws Can Never Define You.

As much as we would like to keep our love teams in a bubble where they can do no wrong, our favorite couples have also taught us that they too are human and have their own flaws. Instead of hating their flaws, they showed how it is ok to embrace your “pagkukulang”. It’s all about the acceptance.

Look at Melay and Jason, they’re not like other love teams, but they’ve made it work.


Melai & Jason


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