What do men who catcall and Howler monkeys have in common? They have tiny…


Now even science has confirmed it! There’s a bigger (or smaller) reason why men who catcall are such pricks…

Some stupid men make the assumption that women should feel flattered whenever they’re whistled at or catcalled. Because what better way is there to compliment a woman than to shout, “Hey honey, do you want fries with that shake!” as she walks by. (If you’re a pea-sized brain man, that was sarcasm. There are indeed better ways to appreciate a woman.)
These men have sisters, they have mothers, and they have daughters – and so as a woman, I don’t know why men would think it appropriate in any situation to catcall or whistle at a woman. They think it’s cute and all that, but it’s definitely not. While I might not be able to explain it, science thankfully does.

In a study by Jacob Dunn, the lead researcher of the University of Cambridge’s Division of Biological Anthropology, he discovered that “males with small balls overcompensate for their shortcomings.”

By observing the howler monkeys, a close sibling in our anthropological family tree, Dunn confirmed that the primates who roar louder have smaller testes and produce less sperm. These primates over-compensate their reproductive disadvantage by trying to appear bigger, louder, and more powerful to females.

“When males invest in large bodies, bright colors, or weaponry such as horns or long canines, they are unable to also invest in reproductive traits,” explains Dunn.

Here we see the similarities. Men who are catcalling pricks have small balls. They’re compensating for their fragile masculinity by being heckling.

“Howler monkeys are in a battle for reproduction geared more toward ‘sperm competition’…It may be that investment in developing a large vocal organ and roaring is so costly that there is simply not enough energy left to invest in testes,” Dunn shared.

So there you have it – the explanation that all women already know.


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